Release 1.3.2

This page gives access to the Release 1.3.2 of PostArmor. The application is written in Java, it could then work on many operating systems and machines: you can choose the installation that can fit better your configuration.
A Java VM version 1.1.8 (or later) and Swing 1.1.1 (or later) is required: Java 2 version 1.2 or later is strongly suggested.
You must also have an utility to decompress the package for your platform (i.e. WinZip for Windows, Tar/Gzip for Linux/Unix, Stuffit for Mac, ...)

Computer / Operating System File
Apple Mac OS X PostArmor for Mac OS X
Unix / Linux PostArmor for Unix/Linux
Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP PostArmor for Windows
Source PostArmor code (Java)


Starting July 2005, the source code for PostArmor is available under the ZLIB license. The project is hosted on Sourceforge

Mac OS 9

There's no further support for Mac OS 9: related sources are present in the archive, but the authors don't support any attempt to make it work on the platform.

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