What is PostArmor?

PostArmor is an application that helps to keep your electronic mailbox free of unsolicited e-mail, better known as spam: it looks at the relevant parts of your email before it leaves the mail server, and lets the legitimate messages pass through undisturbed, while leaving suspect messages on the server to be reexamined later or just deleted after a while. It works as an email proxy, with support for POP and IMAP, that makes it independent from the e-mail client. As it has been developed in Java, it is also independent from the operating system or platform.

Packed with features... and free!

  • Can evaluate mail on POP3, Secure POP3 (APOP) and IMAP4 servers, presenting itself as a standard POP3 server to the e-mail client.
  • Doesn't download the complete messages, evaluates just the headers and caches the results, to save bandwidth.
  • Uses a list of known spammers to speed up evaluation, a user-defined list of blocked addresses and a list of valid addresses.
  • Has many powerful and tested filter sets included, that can be expanded by the user: filters can take advantage of a pattern matching technique to check against many similar subjects at once.
  • Verifies the validity of the sender, to filter out fake addresses.
  • Bounces the message back to the sender, simulating a wrong address.
  • Generates an e-mail report of the messages blocked on the server.
  • Sends to SpamCop the spam to examine.
  • Automatically uses SpamCop's, as well as other blacklists.
  • Automatically deletes messages after a preset time or over a preset score.
  • Can be used both in GUI mode, for end users, and in console mode on a server, to filter out many accounts at once.
  • Has a GUI that takes advantage of localization: the software is already completely localized in French, Spanish and Italian.
  • It's free! While you run it just for personal use, on your own e-mail account, you don't need to register nor pay a dime!
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What's new

July 20th, 2005: OK, here are the news: after almost 2 years, I've to admit I've not enough time to follow PostArmor properly: thus, it's time to release it as Open Source, so all those good will programmers out there can get a shot at it! Hopefully, a stronger and better application will grow up. Not that I'm abandoning it, I've already done some work that just went on hold, as the priority was to get the OS version out!

November 8th, 2003 OK, that's not actually news, because the feature has always been there, but worth saying: most non-trivial problems can be solved examining (or sending us for examining) the log file that PostArmor can optionally maintain.
Details on how to activate this feature in the FAQ document.

September 30th, 2003 Murphy's law strikes again! No matter how much time we've dedicated to testing, a bug has slipped into the release: thus, version 1.3.1 is here....

September 29th, 2003 After more than a year version 1.3 has been released! Almost exclusively motivated by a correction to the blacklists, anyway in the change log document there are other points to look at...

August 6th, 2002 A little late, but finally version 1.2 has been released! Too many new things to talk about: just go the change log document and enjoy the new performance...

July 24th, 2002 As the smartest have already noticed (certainly MacInTouch did), the website now points at a different domain, in the ordinary dotcom range, even though all old pointers should bring the users here. This is a prelude to the change of the name of the software itself: starting from next release (scheduled for the beginning of next month, thus one week away), the new name will be PostArmor.
The main reason behind this change is a possible trademark conflict: when we decided for the name MailArmor, at the beginning of May, we did some search for existing products and trademarks, that came up with nothing, so we went on. Fact is, MailArmor is not a trademark in itself (as a search with the USPTO can confirm), but there is another trademark, defined as close enough, that could conflict, and didn't appear in any search. Thus, we decided, together with the trademark owner, to settle for a different name, and PostArmor is still a good one (and the .com domain was not squatted yet!).

July 16th, 2002 In the download section there is now version 1.1.2. Again, officially it's only a minor release... Now MailArmor supports ORDB blacklist as well as SpamCop, as these two are without doubt the best blacklisting services on Internet at the moment, and the software is now completely localized in French, Spanish and Italian (including on-line help and assistant, thus). Some other small bugs (mostly visual) have been corrected: now we're ready for the next major release...

July 4th, 2002 You can now download version 1.1.1. Officially it's a so-called minor release, but new features slipped in nevertheless... Now MailArmor supports Secure POP3 (a.k.a. APOP) servers, and sports a better looking interface (in our opinion, but criticize it at will if you want!). Furthermore, our French friends can now use the new translation, courtesy of Jacques Suc! We've also reviewed the documentation, there's a Getting started section to help setting up MailArmor for the first, critical steps.
Last modification, we've added a Feedback page, let us know what you think about MailArmor!

July 1st, 2002 New month, new release! After only a week from version 1.0, version 1.1 has been released!
There are many, many changes (look at the Change log for more details), but the most important thing is the complete support for SpamCop: MailArmor now not only allows you to send reports to SpamCop with a single click of a button, but checks automatically for you if SpamCop has blacklisted any of the servers the message went through! The chances your mailbox will never see any spam anymore are even higher now... Last but not least, we've a brand new website, it will be much more difficult to have it down...

June 24th, 2002 Wow! The mac.com site has been flooded with requests, and has been shut down by Apple for a while for bandwidth consumption... Oh well, this is the price of success... We've now splitted the content: the mac.com site stays as main point of contact, and the mirror in The Netherlands will support it for some downloads. Furthermore, for the thrill seekers we've put a special download with the release in development (it will be updated nearly every day): if you dare to use something not thoroughly tested and not documented but on the leading edge, check it out!

June 23rd, 2002 Finally! Release 1.0 is out! Many bugs have been fixed, many user requests have been implemented (thanks to those users who took the time to find things out and write them to us), and we're ready to start. Don't think it's an end, though: MailArmor is already at a very good level in his category (even better than many commercial solutions), but there is room for improvement, and with users' feedback we want to become the solution to fight spam at the end-user level!

June 21st, 2002 MailArmor is easily localizable: English, Italian and Spanish are already present, but they're the only languages known to the programmer well enough to attempt a translation. Help for other languages (say German, French, Dutch, ...) is needed: any volunteers out there? Write us! No special experience needed: if you're able to use a text editor, you can do that...

June 19th, 2002 Release Candidate 3 is out! Hopefully this is the latest version before official release 1.0. You can download it at the usual place.

June 15th, 2002 Release Candidate 2 is out! You can download it here.
And, of course, the website has been completely redesigned, but this you saw already... Let us know what you think!

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